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Make a list! Blog readers love lists. Write “Top 10 Tips for
Organizing Your Home Office”, “7 Ways to Complete Your Novel”,
“Best 5 Posts of 2007”, or anything else that fits in list format!
2. Write “pillar articles” in your area of expertise, especially if you’ve
got a self-help, self-development or how-to blog Blog Ideas. What advice do
you have for people whose marriages are in trouble, for example?
What other guidance can you give to people looking to change
careers or research a new diagnosis online? Blog Ideas.
3. Write about the blogs you read. Have any of them said anything
cool, interesting or controversial lately? Do you agree with that
blogger’s point of view? Disagree? Why?

4. Write about current events, politics, breaking news. This is a nobrainer.
Keep up on what’s going on in the world and write your
thoughts about those issues.
5. Write a series post. If you’re dying to write about a topic and the
article’s likely to be longer than 1000 words, break it up into
sections and make it into a series. Include a navigation post that
includes links to each section of the series as you post it.
6.  Write about what you’re reading. How did hear about it? What
moved you to start reading that particular book at this time? What
do you think about it?
7 . Do question-and-answer posts, or write a list of frequently asked
questions. You can literally take questions from your audience
using  blog widgets or via blog comments, or answer your most
frequently asked questions. Post updates as needed.

8. Write about your life, if you’re comfortable with that. This
depends entirely on your level of comfort, and you obviously
shouldn’t share anything that will keep you up at night, but people
are reading your blog because they’re interested in YOU. Don’t be
afraid to share and be authentic – share stories, talk about your
childhood, discuss problems and solutions from your real life!
9. Ask friends and colleagues to do guest posts on your Blog . You
can ask, other bloggers, co-workers, people in your field, people in
a completely different field – anything you want.
10.Blog Ideas People love how-to articles. How do I find a place to stay for three
months in Belize? How do I know if I’m ready to be a freelance
translator? How do I talk to my kids about this subject? How do I
get the cable guy to show up on time?

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