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Terrible Jeans That Prove Denim Has Gone to far.
Jeans were accidentally created when French designers in the 1700s attempted to recreate a thick textile called serge. Instead, they made “serge de Nimes” — now known as denim.    (galleries)
This fabric was industrialized when Levi Strauss brought the fabric to the United States in 1853, manufacturing it
into sturdy trousers that would withstand both harsh mining conditions and rugged expeditions into the wild, wild west. Blue jeans were as much the counterculture zeitgeist of the 1960s and 1970s as rock music and anti-war efforts, cementing its status as a fashion staple.   (galleries)

But with great regret we must inform you that humanity has killed denim. Here are 8 examples of the worst jeans 2018 has to offer. 1. This  laziest attempt at a belt jeans
This is literally just the waistband from a pair of jeans. For $405.

Who asked for this? Who approved this?  my denim waist belt” is literally just the waistband of another pair of jeans. Why does it have a fly? Why would you need to unzip?

The Unravel Project, the designers behind this head scratcher, originally sold the “waist belt” on Net-A-Porter for $405. By some fashion miracle, it’s sold out.     (galleries)

2. A The terrible excuse for vintage upcycling jeans
The model’s face says it all: “I have made a grave mistake. Please. Help me.”

This “vintage re-worked denim bustier” is basically the waistband of a pair of jeans sewn onto a plain white t-shirt. At The “cut-off denim insert” is great if you’re “partial to a textural switch-up,” according to the ASOS description. As @rubyetc said in their tweet, the outfit looks like the product of a drunken mishap. You can still get it at ASOS for the perfectly reasonable price of $56. What a steal.                                                /

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