Videos Video Slide On The Fabric of blue jeans Videos Video Slide On The Fabric of blue jeans
The key for a good pair of blue jeans isn’t just the denim from which they are made, but also the history behind the fabric and its users.The Fabric blue jeans, showcases the art of blue jeans and how history can leave an imprint upon every pair. Check out the video, which features Cone Denim’s White Oak plant, and some of our pals who realize the importance of authenticity and heritage when it comes to the creation of a pair of blue jeans

Inspiration For Each Blue Jeans
We developed three washes with Dick Gains at Wonderland Concepts Using Cone White Oak Space Denim woven on traditional shuttle looms. the first wash, “Greensboro,” is the city in north Carolina where cone denim mills is located.
Inspiration for this wash was pulled from Cone’s amazing vintage work wear archives. Some of these
articles were found in the attics of farmhouses dating back to the early 1900s. The second, “Henderson,”
is the city in Kentucky where Dick Gaines’ Wonderland Concepts is located. Anyone who is part of the
denim industry most likely knows Dick and his development wash house Wonderland—he’s one of the
original wash experts and had the creative reins on this wash. Last is the “Los Angeles,” named after
Current/Elliott’s home. Using a comfort stretch Space denim, the jean has a slightly more urban look
and pulled-in silhouette.

Videos Video Slide On The Fabric of blue jeans , blue-denim-jeans
Videos Video Slide On The Fabric of blue jeans
“denim” comes from fabric “serge de Nimes made in France city of Nimes. In 1800s, American gold miners needed clothes that were strong, lasted longer and durable. The HISTORY – RISE OF DENIM THE DENIM INDUSTRY – MANUFACTURES Gold mines workers in 18th century Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis supplied miners with denim pants that were made from strong material and reinforced with rivets at the places where pants tended to tear which prolonged life of pants. Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis
THE DENIM INDUSTRY – GLOBAL MARKET ANALYSIS Three GLOBAL MARKET Total number of denim jeans sold worldwide annually 1,240,000,000 39% 20% 10% 31% GLOBAL DENIM MARKET CHART North America Western Europe Japan & Korea Rest of the world SOURCES: Static brain – industry statistics Size of Global denim market by sales $56200000000 Global denim fabric production in meters 2700000000 Over 70% of denim production is in Asian countries.
Videos Video Slide On The Fabric of blue jeans

The White Oak Shop was launched to offer
small quantities of Cone fabrics, as well as tools and information to educate newer
designers about the unique intricacies of working with authentic vintage denim.

Videos Video Slide On The Fabric of blue jeans

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